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He Said/She Said What?!


Trouble communicating? This is a common belief in a lot of (if not all) couples' relationships. Here’s a completely different way to look at and handle relationship communication issues. In marriage, (or any relationship for that matter) you cannot ‘not’ communicate. Everything you do and don’t do, say and don’t say, communicates. If you believe this, then the issue really becomes how do you handle the message? Especially when you disagree or flat out dislike it?Here’s (4) quick tips:

  • Hear what your spouse or significant other is saying without over-reacting or jumping to conclusions

  • Be more clear in the messages you send

  • Speak more from the best in you

  • Live more authentically and better connected with others

Although there’s a lot more information and tips out there when it comes to communicating with your special someone, these are (4) quick points that can be easily implemented right away and can help move you towards communicating better.


Put a Lid On It...


One of the characteristics of happy couples: they make sure their heated discussions don't get out of control. You and your spouse or significant other may have said things in the heat of the moment, and when you calmed down you wished you could take back your words or actions.

Unfortunately, the damage has been done.  You may feel disrespected, unloved, and trust has been slowly eroding between you two. You may even avoid conflict altogether. Once this happens, it’s easier to slide toward disconnection and sometimes even divorce.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Pepper your interactions with words or phrases that can keep an "emotional lid" on their disagreements. For example, for one of my couples, they have found that "Let's not break the streak" works for them. As soon as one partner says the phrase, it's a quick reminder to be more mindful of their words and emotions - to not ruin their "happy streak." It’s simple but powerful. Get as creative as you want, just find the words that work as a cue that the conversation is starting to escalate and you’re entering the danger zone. Keeping your emotions in check during disagreements is a critical skill for the success of your relationship.


Anita Chlipala is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) on a mission to prove that successful relationships are possible. She is the founder of Relationship Reality 312, Inc., a practice devoted exclusively to helping singles and couples with their love lives. She also blogs for the Millionaire Matchmaker. Website: www.relationshipreality312.com Facebook: facebook.com/relationshipreality312 Twitter: @rr312

Traveling Together 101


Traveling together is a great way to relax and re-connect with your partner. Leaving the daily routine for just a few days can be a gamechanger in your relationship. Most couples would unanimously agree they are just “too busy” to make vacation a reality. However it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you would think. Here are three easy to plan vacation ideas:


Be a tourist in your own city.

Book a weekend stay at the best hotel in town, dine at a new restaurant and check out a local attraction or special event.

Road Trip

Spending 3-5 hours in the car with your partner allows time for you to talk and catch up. Be sure to leave the phones and radio turned off.

Escorted Tours

A customized travel tourcompany leaves you more time to enjoy your vacation and eliminates the added stress of planning.

The time to explore, dream and discover with your partner is NOW! Are you ready?


Toya Nicole is a consultant, freelance writer and editor in chief of Ms.TravelChic.com, a lifestyle and travel brand created to motivate women to travel, embrace new experiences and live life to the fullest. Connect with her on Twitter @MsTravelChic

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