BEstDateNight or BDN for short, is the answer for couples:


* Too busy to create a fun date night

* Tired of sitting at home on a Friday or Saturday night. (Or any night, really)

* Or don’t know how or where to start to create a great date night…


BDN is unique in that we create “Date Nights” for you. As a member, you receive listings of dates all over your city. Some dates are group dates like movies, concerts, and dancing. Others are individual dates like dinner, couples massages, etc. 


If you're interested in a date, you can RSVP via text, The BDN Website, or the free DBN Mobile App . Once the date fills up, it's closed.


Because many couples have different levels of availability, we offer  different Membership styles that can fit most every couple’s schedule…and each membership offers great "Date Night" opportunities.


Sooooo…if having a healthy relationship and “Date Nights” are important to you, join today and start having some great “Date Nights!”




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