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Sooooo...What do you want to do this weekend?

How works in  (3) easy steps:

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View & Select a Membership that best fits your schedule.

At, we undersand that every couple's dating opportunitiy is different. So we've created awesome membership levels that can fit your dating availability and ensure that you're able to have your best "Date Night" ever.

Each membership price is per couple and is good for one year.

View "Date Nights" via your Laptop, Tablet, or using the BDN App on your Mobile Device.

As a member, you can view and recieve daily and/or weekly "Date Night" dates for you to view in your city.

Dates are sent to members via text, email, and/or the free BDN Mobile App.

It's that easy! Ok...maybe step (3) had a bunch more steps...but you get the idea.

Choose a Date, RSVP, Show up and have a great time! lists different dates with times, addresses, and the number of spaces open for the date if applicable. Once you've found a date you like to attend, reply with your RSVP.  It's that simple.

Once we receive your RSVP, your spot is secured. Once a date fills up, we close the date.

For individual or non-group dates, we accept several RSVP's for a very limited time period and then randomly draw a name from the lsit of RSVP's to award the date.

In most cases, we will have anywhere from 1-10 or more of the same individual or non-group dates for our members to select.

The "free" BDN Mobile App is launching next month and it will give you faster access to awesome date nights, couples advice, photos, and much more!

Yeah...we're making it easy for "Date Night" to happen!

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So many Date Nights...So many opportunities for you!

Comedy Night
Game Night

These are just some of the "free" dates that creates for our members to have a great Date Night. But it gets better! As a BDN Member, not only do you get access to awesome "free" dates, but every month, BDN gives our members the opportunity to win a Best "DateNight" wish. You can choose the "Boss" Date Night or create your own Date Night

The "Like a Boss" Date Night!

  • You Pick the City

  • You Pick the Hotel

  • You Pick the Idea

  • We Pick up the Tab!

Create Your Own Date Night!

  • You Pick the Date

  • You Pick the Time

  • You Pick the Idea

  • We Pick up the Tab!

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Be one of the first (100) People to join and get (3) months for the price of the $99 Trial Membership!



For many couples, getting the babysitter lined up and confirmed can be a little daunting while planning for a great date night. In addition, date night is typically regulated to a Friday or Saturday evening and only for just a couple of hours.


That’s one of the reasons why is perfect for you. Our Trial Membership is anything but basic with fun, interactive dates that make being together cherished moments. Dance lessons from top-notched instructors, movies, cooking classes, wine tastings, and more are waiting for you to enjoy so you can have a great “Date Night.”


REmember, the 30 Day Trial Membership is also a great gift to give to another couple or that "single" friend who's not so great at creating awesome Date Nights.



For couples with a little more flexibility, our Plus Membership is perfect. Dinner reservations on a Tuesday evening at 9PM at the Signature Room in Chicago, a couples massage at 11AM on a Saturday, or maybe a Hawks, Bulls, or Cubs game at 7:30PM on a Wednesday night are just some of the awesome “Date Nights” our Basic-Plus Members enjoy in addition to access to all Basic Trial “Date Nights.”


  • Create Your Own Date Night!



With every membership, we give our members more than enough time to plan for their best “Date Night.” But many times, through our business relationships, we receive tickets to concerts, sporting events, broadway, flights, and much more. When we get them, we pass them to our Premium Members.

If you had less than a week’s notice, would you take a free overnight trip to Miami or New York? See Beyonce or Luke Bryan in concert or catch a show in Vegas? Our Premium Membership gives you access to all “Date Night” dates and much more!

  • The "Like a Boss" Date Night!

  • Create Your Own Date Night!

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